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Hi there, I've spent the last couple of days investigating a very similar bug in my own app. The issue I had is that I would get an "Operation not permitted" error from the macOS unarchiver, and even if I unzipped it on the command-line using unzip , the app would not run.

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The bug is not in archiver, but in Electron. It is due to their monkey-patching of fs to support.

The issue is that, in Electron, fs. In the original app Resources directory, there is a file called electron. The correct workaround is to set process. How exactly did you spawn a child process?

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You can either pass args to the process, or use process. Instead of process. It's just the macOS error copied and pasted. I was running the. DYLD and rpath etc are black magic to me, but a helpful method for debugging if anything is messed up in the resulting folder is to diff the folder contents. You can see below that the working framework directory has several symlinks, while the broken one does not.

The issue is due to archiver not copying symlinks. I've seen that work on symlinks is being done by ctalkington on this, see and linked issues.

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Thanks so much lachenmayer! That worked beautifully. Before zipping up my apps, I get all the frameworks in AppName. Hopefully they'll eventually fix this in the Electron build process, but until then, I now know to do this :. With Archiver, you can safeguard your sensitive files by packing them in an encrypted, password-protected archive.

You have a file too large for a disk?

You need to send an email but the attachment is too big? No problem! With Archiver you can split and combine files in just a few clicks.

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What's more, Archiver also lets you create split archives. Archiver 2 made working with archives easy. We knew there was room for improvement, so we rolled up our sleeves to make working with archives even easier for you. Archiver 3 brings you a smooth interface, a blazing fast workflow and a convenient quick preview. Never worry about archive formats again — Archiver's seamless drag and drop is back and smarter than ever! Just drag your files into the app and sit back while Archiver takes care of the rest. With Archiver you can take a sneak peek and preview archives.

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Say goodbye to extracting all files just to see what's inside and archive! And it gets better: save even more time by extracting only the files you really need. With Archiver you can split files into smaller files of any desired size. Optionally compress the split files to squeeze out some extra space, or checksum them for added security. Protect your files by packing them in encrypted, password-protected archives.

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