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FocusMe is super easy to use and does exactly what it says.

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Some of the features like forcing yourself to enter in random characters to override it are genius. This has dramatically increased my productivity. I block Outlook and Facebook and I'm good to go! This little program provides you with tailor-made internet blocking. It features options that make it completely impossible to bypass scheduled internet blocks.

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Website Blocker and App Blocker for Mac — Focus

Break free from distractions. Master productivity. Use our Android App Free Forever. As seen in. Read More. Protect your Children. This means garbage is loaded, then nothing useful. The difference between an ad and a commercial is functional: An ad minds its own business. A commercial interferes with your enjoyment or usage of your time. I tried using deleting and saving the host file using pico cmd.

What is Safari Content Blocking?

Details : I blocked one website using sudo command. I just wanted to check how this blocking works. It worked great for blocking websites according to the procedure stated above. But I could not. It gets saved but the website remains unblocked. Editing the hosts file has been done and cache flushed, but Mac OS How do we force the OS to abide by our hosts file instructions? I think I had this problem before and could solve this problem — the problem can be solved in two ways Please send a copy of the screen to this message.

I use both browsers and want both to block darn facebook! It uses a better procedure than blocking social media sites because it only monitors websites during production hours.

Sometimes they use it for work too. I have on my screen exactly as it is in the example box above — i have put in Then what?! Do i exit terminal without saving changes? Jon, Susan, and Jen: Make sure you flush your cache after you save the hosts file. For Mac OS X Any ideas? Love my mac, but this site blocking stuff should be easier. Used Blocksites with Firefox and it works like a dream, but even when I try to set safari parental controls through the System Preference, nothing is blocking sites.

What type of password does it asks for?

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WAY easier in fact! Terminal seems to act weird sometimes with the delete and backspace key. To remove a site, just delete that line and then save. Hi Greg, your way of doing it is indeed way easier.

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  • Do i need to clean cache or? No clue… : Thanks for reply.. It worked great.

    How to block websites and apps on your Mac

    Please help! I am using OS I then re-started my computer, only to find that safari version 4 public beta and firefox I can still enter the websites. I know my command lines are saved as when I re-enter the Terminal my added lines immediately appear. I would really appreciate it if you could help. So, 1. Once I even restarted the machine. Not that you need to know, but I have blocked reddit, facebook and google news… and am already feeling more productive as I regain control of my fingertips.

    Jill and girlfriend on myspace to much guy, to unblock all you have to do is go back into the command and delete the urls you put in and also the ip address to your computer and safe the file again and that worked for me, just double check if you remove access to a site or add it back to see if it worked i have a mac with file vault on and it did not work for me i tested it on another account with out it on and it worked fine.

    You can also unlock these websites by repeating the steps above but removing the sites you added. I was able to block the site but wanted to unblock it to make sure I could unblock if needed. How do you undo the block I deleted text and saved what now? Will this work if you wanted to block a specific page on a site?

    Like hmmm how ancient is this technique!! Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. March 6, at am. Paul says:. Dwight Chizen says:. January 2, at am. Adis says:. December 26, at pm.

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    August 15, at am. Josh says:. August 7, at pm. In the search field address bar click the window icon see the image above. Please note that by default, Safari disables pop-ups automatically in the browser, unless you configure differently. See also: Safari Says: Not Secure.

    Focus is a distraction blocker that helps you improve your productivity

    What Does It Mean? I followed these exact instructions and allowed pop-ups on my computer so I could finish a final exam for my online class. But to no avail.

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