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The additional features of Disk Drill for Mac also deserve some praising. All these features are available for free, which is great. Whether they can compete with dedicated tool is yet another question, though. That having said, it could have focused on enhancing the recovery performance, instead of adding extra features. Out of around 20 data recovery apps we tested, at least a few deserve a special mention. They are not the top options, but you can look at the features. Stellar Mac Data Recovery.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is another reputed tool for recovering data from Mac devices.

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Compared to other software in the list, Stellar Mac Data Recovery is completely simple to use. For common users, it provides a better line of control altogether. For instance, you can select which files are to be recovered beforehand.

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It would help you do less filtering. This data recovery software shows an instant preview of the recovery process, and you can customize the view as well. There are, however, some areas of compromise, such as the overall speed and detection rates.

Wondershare Recoverit. Wondershare Recoverit will easily be one of the most used data recovery software out there. It comes with an intuitive UI. Everything takes place in a second. You can launch the program, select the drive and it would start the scanning process in no time. We would not say that Wondershare Recoverit is exceptionally well at detection, though.

We really loved the User Interface. It provides a quick overview of what you can recover from the drive; the instant previews are also great. Also, being a product from Wondershare, Recoverit offers compatibility as well. You would be able to connect almost every removable device and recover data from them. Also, the data recovery dates are also impressive. Using the free version, you can recover up to 2GB of data, which is great.

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You have a cleaner way to track how the disk scanning is going on. You can always upgrade if you want unlimited data recovery. So, you have seen our top picks and the major contenders we came across. We have surely selected a piece of software that you can rely when it comes to data recovery on macOS.

There are others, like Disk Drill, who offer advanced features, but we always prefer functionality over style. This is the point: Related Posts. The Best Dock Replacement Apps. The Best Disk Partition Manager. Cloud Storage: Best Way to Mount Storage. You can limit the scanning results by choosing the file types that you are interested in recovering before initiating the process. An easy-to-use graphic interface makes this data recovery tool simple to use. You just select the drive you are interested in recovering, click the "Recover" button, and Disk Drill will show you which files can be recovered.

These features keep track of metadata regarding deleted files and can make recovering files deleted from the Trash bin a simple matter. Using Disk Drill in this proactive manner takes the guesswork out of recovering lost and deleted files.

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PhotoRec for Mac. PhotoRec is an open-source, freeware data recovery application. It is a companion program to TestDisk which is used to recover lost partitions. The program recovers your data in read-only mode, eliminating the chance of overwriting files during recovery. PhotoRec can recover lost data from your hard drive as well as a wide variety of peripheral storage devices. Data Rescue 5 for Mac.

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It can recover data from your hard drives as well as external drives, SD cards, and solid-state drives. Standard and professional licenses are available to customers, with the professional version offering unlimited data recovery and an intuitive user-interface. It features built-in Time Machine support to eliminate the recovery of duplicate files. Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac. This application by Wondershare is designed to allow you to recover lost or deleted data on a computer running the macOS from version It can be used to recover videos, photos, music files, documents, and many other types of files on your computer or other storage devices.

This app can be used for file, partition, and raw hard drive recovery. An easy to use interface lets you select the file type to recover, scan for files that fit your criteria, and then restore them.

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Softtote Mac Data Recovery. The next entry in our review of data recovery programs is Softtote Mac Data recovery. This easy to use application runs on the macOS from version The program enables recovery on your system hard drive or most peripheral storage devices. It offers flexible file filtering to minimize scanning time and is able to recover deleted, damaged, or corrupted files in many different file formats.

Disk Drill Basic, in addition to having previewing capabilities for recovered files, contains several other functionalities, such as Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery, lost partition restoration, boot disk maker and so on, which make it one of the best Mac data recovery software applications available. Recovery Vault is an advanced extra layer to the Trash Bin that keeps a reference to deleted data.

Guaranteed Recovery is a background service that saves a copy of each file to a user-specified folder. Both data protection modules substantially reduce the possibilities of permanently losing critical data. Disk Drill successfully manages the balance of essential and advanced features for the casual, professional and enterprise users alike, that makes it worth the money spent on the upgrade.

PhotoRec is not the most powerful free Mac data recovery tool, but it has the advantage of being open source. This basically means that not only the application, but also the source code is available to the public.

Files can be recovered from different devices such as digital camera memory cards, USB flash drives and hard disks. This free file recovery Mac app uses a powerful technology known as file carving. This method consists of two steps. Firstly, it searches for the data block or cluster size.